Day 27 | Just Hit Post

We are on day 27

Do you know what that means? People are either wrapping up, giving up or getting her done. Where are we at in this? I do not know. What are we doing? NO CLUE! But for those of us who have something to give. We should give it our all. Put yourself out there. (If you are not hurting anybody?) what is actually the worst that could happen?

Show Resources

Racheal’s Lense – Racheal Hunter
Ditch Diggers Podcast – Mur Lafferty & Matt Wallace
Everybody, Always – Bob Goff
Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott
Anatomy of Story – John Truby
Writing Excuses|Season 10 – Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal

Come Say Hello:

YouTube: PendoLand